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The 2022 Fishing Kayak Buyer’s Guide | 255 Awesome Boats

Fever SG Kayak Fishing
Photo by Fever SG

Last Updated August 30th, 2021

We’ve put together our ultimate fishing kayak buyer’s guide with compiled information on every fishing kayak currently available in the U.S. Our goal at Yak Logic is to help our readers make the most informed decisions regarding kayaks and kayak fishing, and we’re pretty sure this will help out quite a bit.

Grabbing a new boat is never a cheap proposition, even for a kayak. So it’s important to do your research and buy the right kayak the first time around. Remember – buy once cry once. We do our best to keep this page updated on a regular basis. If there’s a model missing please don’t hesitate to let us know.

The fishing kayak buying guide below can be sorted by type (paddle or pedal) and style: Sit Inside (SIS), Sit on Top (SOT), or Inflatable (IK). If you’ve already got a yak and want to scope out some awesome upgrades then check out the Gear page.

Fishing Kayak Guide

We’ve identified over 200 different fishing kayaks available in the U.S. today. Since the market is constantly changing we routinely update this and sub-category lists. The list below is dedicated to fishing kayaks, of all types, only. For more detailed information on sub-categories like fly fishing kayaks, pedal driven kayaks, or convertible kayaks here. We’ve also got a pretty extensive list of SUP’s if you’re keen on standing.

New models are added here, and discontinued models are sent to the graveyard. The following stats show the average dimensions and prices for various sub-categories. Foreign kayaks are not included in this list.

Click on a kayak picture to learn more about it.

ModelImageLength (ft)Width (in)Weight (lb)Capacity (lb)MSRP
3 Waters3 Waters Bigfish 1053 Waters Bigfish 105SOTPaddle10.5"33.589380$879
3 Waters3 Waters Big Fish 1083 Waters Big Fish 108SOTPedal11'38115450$1,979
3 Waters3 Waters Bigfish 1203 Waters Bigfish 120SOTPaddle12'35100400$989
Advanced ElementsAdvanced Elements Straitedge AnglerAdvanced Elements Straitedge AnglerIKPaddle9'8"3541300$750
Advanced ElementsAdvanced Elements Straitedge Angler ProAdvanced Elements Straitedge Angler ProIKPaddle10'6"38.545400$1,000
AquaglideAquaglide Angler 110HBAquaglide Blackfoot 110 HBIKPaddle10'6"3732400$799
AquaglideAquaglide Blackfoot Angler 125 HBAquaglide Blackfoot Angler 125 HB Inflatable KayakIKPaddle12'8"3938600$999
AquaglideAquaglide Chinook 90Aquaglide Chinook 90 IKPaddle9'3519250$349
AquaglideAquaglide Chinook 120Aquaglide Chinook 120 PIKPaddle12'4129500$549
AscendAscend 10TAscend 10TSOTPaddle10'3067325$500
AscendAscend 12TAscend 12TSOTPaddle12'3177350$600
AscendAscend 128T Yak-PowerAscend 128T Yak PowerSOTPaddle12'8"3396350$800
AscendAscend FS10Ascend FS10SISPaddle10'3057325$500
AscendAscend H10Ascend H10SISPaddle10'3155400$600
AscendAscend H12Ascend H12SISPaddle12'3276450$700
Bic SportBic Sport Bilbao FishingBic Sport Bilbao FishingSOTPaddle9'10"3150265$799
Bic SportBic Sport Borneo FishingBic Sport Borneo FishingSOTPaddle13'5"33.177550$1,199
Bic SportBic Sport Java FishingBic Sport Java FishingSOTPaddle13'5"2866330$1,049
Bic SportBic Sport Trinidad FishingBic Sport Trinidad FishingSOTPaddle11'9"33.165440$749
BonafideBonafide EX123Bonafide EX123SISPaddle12'3"29.567375$999
BonafideBonafide RS117Bonafide RS117SOTPaddle11'7"33.577425$999
BonafideBonafide SS107Bonafide SS107SOTPaddle10'7"34.584425$1,299
BonafideBonafide SS127Bonafide SS127SOTPaddle12'7"33.7594475$1,599
BoteBote Lono AeroBote LonoIKPaddle12'6"35.561400$1,399
BoteBote Deus AeroBote Deus AeroIKPaddle11'3341-$1,099
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC TK122 w/ Backrest SeatsBKC T122 with UprightSOTPaddle12'9"3477770$987
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC TK122 w/ Foam Padded SeatsBKC TK122 with Foam Padded SeatsSOTPaddle12'9"3477770$887
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC TK122 w/ Soft Padded SeatsBKC TK122 with Soft padded seatsSOTPaddle12'9"3477770$837
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC RA220 AnglerBKC RA220SOTPaddle11'6"3468450$787
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC Pedal Drive Solo RoverBKC Pedal Drive SoloSOTPedal10'63460420$1,397
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC PK12 Pedal Drive SoloBKC PK12 Pedal Drive SoloSOTPedal12'3373397$1,447
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC Pedal Drive Solo TravelerBKC PK13SOTPedal13'3580550$1,547
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC PK14BKC PK 14SOTPedal14'3499660$2,097
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC FK184BKC FK184SOTPaddle9'3444330$547
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC FK285BKC FK285SOTPaddle9'1"3344350$657
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC TK181BKC TK 181SOTPaddle12'5"3468440$787
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC TK219BKC TK 219SOTPaddle12'2"3468440$787
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC TK219 w/ Upright SeatsBKC TK219 w/ Aluminum SeatsSOTPaddle12'2"3468440$897
Brooklyn Kayak CompanyBKC SK287 Touring KayakBKC SK287SISPaddle14'11"2455250$747
CrescentCrescent CrewCrescent CrewSOTPaddle13'3579600$999
CrescentCrescent LiteTackleCrescent Lite TackleSOTPaddle12'4"3475450$899
CrescentCrescent UltraliteCrescent UltraliteSOTPaddle10'2"3049350$699
DiabloDiablo AdiosDiablo AdiosSOTPaddle12'5"3669500$1,600
DiabloDiablo AmigoDiablo AmigoSOTPaddle12'8"3875600$999
DiabloDiablo ChupacabraDiablo ChupacabraSOTPaddle10'6"3756450$1,399
EddylineEddyline Caribbean 12 AnglerEddyline Caribbean 12 AnglerSOTPaddle12'3045275$1,649
EddylineEddyline Caribbean FS12Eddyline Caribbean FS12SOTSolid12'3045275$1,749
EddylineEddyline Caribbean 14 AnglerEddyline Caribbean 14 AnglerSOTPaddle14'2950350$1,849
EmotionEmotion Renegade XT 2Emotion Renegade XT 2SOTPaddle10'3649325$400
FeelfreeFeelfree Corona AnglerFeelFree Corona AnglerSOTPaddle13'1"3182617$999
FeelfreeFeelfree DoradoFeelfree DoradoSOTPedal12'11"37124450$2,499
FeelfreeFeelfree Lure 10 V2Feelfree Lure 10 V2SOTPaddle10'3469375$999
FeelfreeFeelfree Lure 11.5 V2Feelfree Lure 11.5 V2SOTPaddle11'6"3474425$1,209
FeelfreeFeelfree Lure 13.5 V2Feelfree Lure 13.5 V2SOTPaddle13.5"3495500$1,319
FeelfreeFeelfree Lure IIFeelfree Lure IISOTPaddle14'2"3692500$1,539
FeelfreeFeelfree Moken 10 V2Feelfree Mokken 10 V2SOTPaddle10'4"3560440$699
FeelfreeFeelfree Moken 10 LiteFeelfree Mokken 10 LiteSOTPaddle10'4"3155353$659
FeelfreeFeelfree Moken 12.5 V2Feelfree Mokken 12.5 V2SOTPaddle12'8"3272419$799
FeelfreeFeelfree Moken 14Feelfree Mokken 14SOTPaddle14'8"3076432$879
FeelfreeFeelfree Move AnglerFeelfree Move AnglerSOTPaddle9'29.7542195$499
Field and StreamField and Stream 12' Eagle Run Fishing KayakField and Stream 12 Eagle RunSISPaddle12'2960500$600
Field and StreamField and Stream Eagle Talon KayakField and Stream Eagle TalonSOTPaddle12'3068400$600
Field and StreamField and Stream Shadow Caster 12'3"Field and Stream Shadow Caster 123SOTPaddle12'3"3595450$800
HobieHobie Mirage Adventure IslandHobie Mirage Adventure IslandSOTPedal16'7"44185400$5,199
HobieHobie Mirage Tandem IslandHobie Tandem IslandSOTPedal18'6"48240600$7,339
HobieHobie Mirage CompassHobie Mirage CompassSOTPedal12'3487400$2,099
HobieHobie Mirage Compass DuoHobie Mirage Compass DuoSOTPedal13'5"35127475$3,249
HobieHobie Mirage ITrek 9 UltralightHobie ITrek 9 UltralightIKPedal9'5"4037350$2,199
HobieHobie Mirage ITrek 11Hobie Mirage ITrek 11IKPedal10'8"4044400$2,499
HobieHobie Mirage ITrek 14 DuoHobie Mirage ITrek 14 DuoIKPedal13'8"4473600$3,799
HobieHobie Mirage ITrek FiestaHobie ITrek FiestaIKPedal15'801051000$4,899
HobieHobie Mirage Passport 10.5Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5SOTPedal10'5"3475325$1,399
HobieHobie Mirage Passport 12Hobie Mirage Passport 12SOTPedal12'3483400$1,599
HobieHobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 w/ 360 DriveHobie PA12 360SOTPedal12'36133500$4,599
HobieHobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 w/ 360 DriveHobie PA 14 360SOTPedal13'8"38149600$4,799
HobieHobie Mirage Pro Angler 12 w/ 180 DriveHobie PA 12 with 180SOTPedal12'36129500$3,739
HobieHobie Mirage Pro Angler 14 w/ 180 DriveHobie PA 14 180SOTPedal13'8"38145600$3,889
HobieHobie Mirage OasisHobie Mirage OasisSOTPedal14'6"33127550$4,299
HobieHobie Mirage OutbackHobie Mirage OutbackSOTPedal12'9"34103425$2,999
HobieHobie Mirage Revolution 11Hobie Mirage Revolution 11SOTPedal11'6"2981275$2,619
HobieHobie Mirage Revolution 13Hobie Mirage Revolution 13SOTPedal13'5"28.588350$2,779
IntexIntex Excursion ProIntex Excursion ProIKPaddle12'7"3739400$299
JacksonJackson Big Rig FDJackson Big Rig FDSOTPedal13'3"40145550$3,499
JacksonJackson Big Rig HDJackson Big Rig HDSOTPaddle13'3"40118550$2,199
JacksonJackson Big TunaJackson Big TunaSOTPaddle14'2"3592500$1,899
JacksonJackson Bite AnglerJackson Bite AnglerSOTPaddle11'6"3669400$899
JacksonJackson Bite FDJackson Bite FDSOTPedal11'6"35111400$2,199
JacksonJackson CoosaJackson CoosaSOTPaddle11'2"3265350$1,349
JacksonJackson Coosa FDJackson Coosa FDSOTPedal12'7"35122450$3,199
JacksonJackson Coosa HDJackson Coosa HDSOTPaddle12'6"3478425$1,899
JacksonJackson Kilroy HDJackson Kilroy HDSISPaddle12'10"3693450$1,599
JacksonJackson LiskaJackson LiskaSOTPaddle12'1"3484400$1,399
JacksonJackson MayFlyJackson MayflySOTPaddle12'8"3589450$1,999
JacksonJackson YuPIKJackson YuPikSOTPaddle12'2"3584425$1,299
Jonny BoatsJonny Boats Bass 100Jonny Boats Bass 100SOTPaddle10'35.577400$899
Kaku KayaksKaku Kayaks Kaku ZuluKaku Kayaks Kaku ZuluSOTPaddle12'7"3585500$1,349
Kaku KayaksKaku Kayaks VoodooKaku Kayaks VoodooSOTPaddle13'3577450$1,199
Kaku KayaksKaku Kayaks Wahoo 10.5Kaku Kayaks Wahoo 10.5SOTPaddle10'6"3368375$849
Kaku KayaksKaku Kayaks Wahoo 12.5Kaku Kayaks Wahoo 12.5SOTPaddle12'6"3376450$999
LifetimeLifetime Hydros Angler 85Lifetime Hydros Angler 85SOTPaddle10'5"29.541225$400
LifetimeLifetime Payette Angler 98LIfetime Payette Angler 98SISPaddle9'8"3044250$475
LifetimeLifetime Tamarack Angler 100Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100SOTPaddle10'3152275$600
LifetimeLifetime Sport Fisher Angler 100Lifetime Sport Fisher Angler 100SOTPaddle12'3660500$650
LifetimeLifetime Stealth Angler 110Lifetime Stealth Angler 110SOTPaddle11'30.559300$634
LifetimeLifetime Stealth Pro Angler 118Lifetime Stealth Pro Angler 118SOTPaddle11'8"3285375$900
LifetimeLifetime Triton Angler 100Lifetime Triton Angler 100SOTPaddle10'30.548275$550
LifetimeLifetime Weber Angler 110Lifetime Weber Angler 110SOTPaddle11'30.559300$600
LifetimeLifetime Yukon Angler 116Lifetime Yukon Anlger 116SOTPaddle11'6"3278350$700
LightningLightning Strike HDLightning Strike HDSOTPedal12'6"3494415$1,749
MalibuMalibu Stealth 9Malibu Kayaks Stealth 9SOTPaddle9'3"33.542325$715
MalibuMalibu Stealth 12Malibu Kayaks Stealth 12SOTPaddle12'4"3357450$1,399
MalibuMalibu Stealth 14Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14SOTPaddle14'4"3364550$1,699
MalibuMalibu X 13Malibu Kayaks X 13SOTPaddle13'10"2960450$999
MalibuMalibu X-CaliberMalibu X CaliberSOTPaddle12'6"3152400$999
MalibuMalibu X FactorMalibu X FactorSOTPaddle14'4"3364550$1,599
NativeNative Falcon 11Native Falcon 11SOTPaddle11'32.555320$799
NativeNative Manta Ray Angler 12 XTNative Manta Ray Angler 12 XTSOTPaddle12'7"3368325$849
NativeNative Manta Ray Propel Angler 12Native Manta Ray Propel Angler 12SOTPedal12'2"3389325$1,599
NativeNative Slayer Propel 10Native Slayer Propel 10SOTPedal10'3481400$2,099
NativeNative Slayer 12 XCNative Slayer 12 XCSOTPaddle12'2"36.5104500$1,499
NativeNative Slayer Propel 12 LTNative Slayer Propel 12 LTSOTPedal12'3182350$2,499
NativeNative Slayer Propel 12.5 MaxNative Slayer Propel 12.5 MaxSOTPedal12'6"34125500$2,599
NativeNative Slayer Propel 13Native Slayer Propel 13SOTPedal13'2"33108500$1,899
NativeNative Stingray 11.5Native Stingray 11.5SOTPaddle11'6"31.565375$699
NativeNative Stingray 13.5 TandemNative Stingray 13.5 TandemSOTPaddle13'6"3488475$899
NativeNative Titan Propel 10.5Native Titan Propel 10.5SOTPedal10'9"37.5121500$2,499
NativeNative Titan Propel 12Native Titan Propel 12SOTPedal12'39138500$2,799
NativeNative Titan Propel 13.5Native Titan Propel 13.5SOTPedal13'6"41.5178550$2,999
NativeNative Ultimate 12Native Ultimate 12SISPaddle12'1"3049350$749
NativeNative Ultimate FX 12 ProNative Ultimate FX 12 ProSISPaddle12'2"30.565350$1,199
NativeNative Ultimate FX 15 Tandem PRONative Ultimate FX 15SISPaddle15'3"3190600$1,599
NativeNative Ultimate 14.5 TandemNative Ultimate 14.5 TandemSISPaddle14'7"3064450$949
NativeNative Ultimate FX Propel 13Native Ultimate FX Propel 13SISPedal13'6"32.598400$1,999
NativeNative Versa Board Angler FSNative Versa Board Angler FSSOTPaddle12'3"3355300$899
NuCanoeNuCanoe FlintNuCanoe FlintSOTPaddle11'3"3363375$999
NuCanoeNuCanoe Frontier 10NuCanoe Frontier 10SOTPaddle10'3962500$1,299
NuCanoeNuCanoe Frontier 12NuCanoe Frontier 12SOTPaddle12'4177650$1,599
NuCanoeNuCanoe PursuitNuCanoe PursuitSOTPaddle13'6"3582500$1,599
Ocean KayakOcean Kayak Malibu PedalOcean Kayak Malibu PedalSOTPedal12'34.5100450$1,900
Ocean KayakOcean Kayak Mailbu Two XL AnglerOcean Kayak Malibu Two XL AnglerSOTPaddle13.4"3468500$1,150
Ocean KayakOcean Kayak Prowler 13 AnglerOcean Kayak Prowler 13 SOTPaddle13'4"2856325$950
Ocean KayakOcean Kayak Prowler Big Game II AnglerOcean Kayak Prowler Big Game Angler IISOTPaddle12'9"3470600$1,449
Ocean KayakOcean Kayak Trident 11 AnglerOcean Kayaks Trident 11 AnglerSOTPaddle11'6"30.571305$1,299
Ocean KayakOcean Kayak Trident 13 AnglerOcean Kayak Trident 13 AnglerSOTPaddle13'6"2979355$1,399
Ocean KayakOcean Kayak Trident 15 AnglerOcean Kayak Trident 15 AnglerSOTPaddle15'6"28.591455$1,599
Old TownOld Town Discovery 119 Solo SportsmanOld Town Discovery 119 Solo SportsmanSISPaddle11'9"32.556354$1,000
Old TownOld Town Heron 9Old Town Heron 9SISPaddle9'6"28.537300$479
Old TownOld Town Heron 9 XTOld Town Heron 9 XTSISPaddle9'6"28.537300$549
Old TownOld Town Heron 11 XTOld Town Heron 11XTSISPaddle11'28.541325$649
Old TownOld Town Loon 106 AnglerOld Town Loon 106 AnglerSISPaddle10'6"3154325$1,099
Old TownOld Town Loon 126 AnglerOld Town Loon 126 AnglerSISPaddle12'6"3160450$1,099
Old TownOld Town Predator 13Old Town Predator 13SOTPaddle13'2"33.586425$1,450
Old TownOld Town Predator MKOld Town Predator MKSOTPaddle13'2"36117600$3,000
Old TownOld Town Predator MXOld Town Predator MXSOTPaddle12'3482400$1,350
Old TownOld Town Predator PDLOld Town Predator PDLSOTPedal13'2"36117500$2,800
Old TownOld Town Sportsman 106Old Town Sportsman 106SOTPaddle10'6"34.573440$899
Old TownOld Town Sportsman 120Old Town Sportsman 120SOTPaddle12'33.582500$999
Old TownOld Town Sportsman 106 Minn KotaOld Town Sportsman 106 Powered by Minn KotaSOTMotor10'6"37104525$2,499
Old TownOld Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120SOTMotor12'37119558$3,799
Old TownOld Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 136SOTMotor13'6"37124660$3,999
Old TownOld Town Sportsman BigWater 132Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132SOTPaddle13'2"33.586425$1,499
Old TownOld Town Sportsman BigWater 132 PDLOld Town Sportsman BigWater 132 PDLSOTPedal13'2"3696500$2,599
Old TownOld Town Sportsman DiscoveryOld Town  Sportsman DiscoverySISPaddle11'9"32.556354$999
Old TownOld Town Sportsman PDL 106Old Town Sportsman PDL 106SOTPedal10'6"3695450$1,999
Old TownOld Town Sportsman PDL 120Old Town Sportsman PDL 120SOTPedal12'3687500$2,199
Old TownOld Town Sportsman Salty PDLOld Town Sportsman Salty PDLSOTPedal13'2"3685450$1,899
Old TownOld Town Topwater 106Old Town Topwater 106SOTPaddle10'6"34.573440$900
Old TownOld Town Topwater 120Old Town Topwater 120SOTPaddle12'33.582500$1,000
Old TownOld Town Topwater 106 PDLOld Town Topwater 106 PDLSOTPedal10'6"3695450$2,000
Old TownOld Town Topwater 120 PDLOld Town Topwater 120SOTPedal12'36106500$2,200
Old TownOld Town Twin HeronOld Town Twin HeronSISPaddle13'6"31.560500$999
Old TownOld Town Vapor 10 AnglerOld Town Vapor 10 AnglerSISPaddle10'28.547325$599
Old TownOld Town Vapor 12 AnglerOld Town Vapor 12 AnglerSISPaddle12'28.556375$750
PelicanPelican Argo 100X AnglerPelican Argo 100X AnglerSOTPaddle10'2838275$320
PelicanPelican Argo 100XP AnglerPelican Argo 100XP AnglerSISPaddle10'2941300$470
PelicanPelican Argo 100XR AnglerPelican Argo 100XRSISPaddle10'2944300$549
PelicanPelican Blitz 100X ExoPelican Blitz 100X ExoSOTPaddle9'6"3044275$379
PelicanPelican Castaway 100 AnglerPelican Castaway 100 AnglerSOTPaddle9'6"3044275$379
PelicanPelican Catch 100Pelican Catch 100SOTPaddle10'3454350$700
PelicanPelican Catch 120Pelican Catch 120SOTPaddle11'8"3469400$800
PelicanPelican Catch 110 Hydryve IIPelican Catch 110 Hydryve IISOTPedal10'63467350$1,299
PelicanPelican Catch 130 Hydryve IIPelican Catch 130 Hydryve IISOTPedal12'6"3478425$1,499
PelicanPelican Catch PWR 100Pelican Catch PWR 100SOTPaddle9'939.7575450$999
PelicanPelican Challenger 100 AnglerPelican Challenger 100 AnglerSOTPaddle10'3043300$300
PelicanPelican Covert 120 AnglerPelican Covert 120 AnglerSOTPaddle12'3055350$529
PelicanPelican Icon 100XP AnglerPelican Icon 100XP AnglerSOTPaddle10'30.549325$400
PelicanPelican Icon 100XR AnglerPelican Icon 100XR AnglerSOTPaddle10'30.549325$519
PelicanPelican Rebel 100XR AnglerPelican Rebel 100XR AnglerSOTPaddle10'30.549325$469
PelicanPelican Sentinel 100X AnglerPelican Sentinel 100X AnglerSOTPaddle9'6"3045275$370
PelicanPelican Sentinel 100XP AnglerPelican Sentinel 100XP AnglerSOTPaddle10'30.550325$460
PelicanPelican Sentinel 100XR AnglerPelican Sentinerl 100XRSOTPaddle10'30.550325$520
PelicanPelican Sentinel 120XR AnglerPelican Sentinel 120XR AnglerSOTPaddle12'3058350$570
PelicanPelican Sentry 100X AnglerPelican Sentry 100X AnglerSOTPaddle10'3043300$299
PelicanPelican Strike 100NXTPelican Strike 100NXTSISPaddle10'2837275$319
PelicanPelican Strike 100NXT SOTPelican Strike 100NXT SOTSOTPaddle9'6"3044275$369
PerceptionPerception Access 9.5Perception Access 9.5SOTPaddle9'3142250$399
PerceptionPerception Access 11.5Perception Access 11.5SOTPaddle11'6"3155300$499
PerceptionPerception Crank 10.0Perception Crank 10SOTPedal10'3587350$1,399
PerceptionPerception Drift 9.5Perception Drift 9.5SISPaddle9'6"28.540300$349
PerceptionPerception Outlaw 11.5Perception Outlaw 11.5SOTPaddle11'6"3570425$699
PerceptionPerception Pescador 10Perception Pescador 10SOTPaddle10'6"3257325$559
PerceptionPerception Pescador 12Perception Pescador 12SOTPaddle12'32.564375$689
PerceptionPerception Pescador 13 TandemPerception Pescador 13 TandemSOTPaddle13'3469500$739
PerceptionPerception Pescador Pilot 12.0Perception Pescador Pilot 12SOTPedal12'5"33.7585475$1,799
PerceptionPerception Pescador Pro 10Perception Pescador Pro 10SOTPaddle10'6"3257325$749
PerceptionPerception Pescador Pro 12Perception Pescador Pro 12SOTPaddle12'32.564375$879
PerceptionPerception Sound 9.5Perception Sound 9.5SISPaddle9'6"2838300$429
PerceptionPerception Sound 10.5Perception Sound 10.5SISPaddle10'6"29.546335$469
RiotRiot Enduro 12 AnglerRiot Enduro 12 AnglerSISPaddle11'8"2759350$899
RiotRiot Escape 12 AnglerRiot Escape 12 AnglerSOTPaddle12'3068300$849
RiotRiot Mako 10Riot Mako 10SOTPedal10'4"3658470$1,199
RiotRiot Mako 12Riot Mako 12SOTPedal12'4"3468470$1,449
Santa Cruz KayaksSanta Cruz Kayaks Raptor G1Santa Cruz Raptor G1SOTPaddle13'3466360$1,199
Santa Cruz KayaksSanta Cruz Kayaks Raptor G2Santa Cruz Raptor G2SOTPaddle13'3476380$1,499
Sea EagleSea Eagle 350fx Fishing ExplorerSea Eagle 350fxIKPaddle11'6"3948575$1,000
Sea EagleSea Eagle 385fta Fast Track AnglerSea Eagle 385 Fast Track AnglerIKPaddle12'6"3645635$1,149
SeastreamSeastream AnglerSeastream AnglerSOTPaddle12'3"35"95450$649
SeastreamSeastream BackwaterSeastream BackwaterSISPaddle12'29"60500$429
SeastreamSeastream OpenwaterSeastream OpenwaterSOTPaddle12'30"68400$429
SevylorSevylor Colorado 2 Person Fishing KayakSevylor Colorado 2 PersonIKPaddle10'9"3941470$300
SevylorSevylor Rio 1 Person Fishing KayakSevylor Rio 1IKPaddle9'9"3632350$320
STARSTAR ChallengerStar ChallengerIKPaddle10'8"3827-$895
STARSTAR PikeStar PikeIKPaddle12'8"3845-$1,095
STARSTAR RivalStar RivalIKPaddle12'6"3831-$995
SunDolphinSunDolphin Boss 12 SSSundolphin Boss SSSOTPaddle12'3"33.2578500$599
SunDolphinSunDolphin Excursion 10Sundolphin Excursion 10SISPaddle9'6"2941250$415
SunDolphinSunDolphin Excursion 12 SSSundolphin Excursion 12SISPaddle11'9"3047395$739
SunDolphinSunDolphin Journey 10 SSSundolphin Journey 10 SSSOTPaddle9'5"29.544250$350
SunDolphinSunDolphin Journey 12 SSSundolphin Journey 12 SSSOTPaddle11'9"30.7548395$550
VanhunksVanhunks AmberjackVanhunks AmberjackSOTPaddle12'3277550$895
VanhunksVanhunks Black BassVanhunks Black BassSOTPaddle13'3473550$995
VanhunksVanhunks ManateeVanhunks ManateeSOTPaddle9'3251330$629
VanhunksVanhunks TarponVanhunks TarponSOTPaddle12'3062550$795
VanhunksVanhunks Voyager DeluxeVanhunks VoyagerSOTPaddle12'3277550$795
VanhunksVanhunks Whale RunnerVanhunks Whale RunnerSOTPaddle9'3251330$549
VibeVibe Cubera 120Vibe Maverick 120 HybridSOTPaddle12'33.572475$900
VibeVibe Sea Ghost 110Vibe Sea Ghost 110SOTPaddle11'3362425$900
VibeVibe Sea Ghost 130Vibe Sea Ghost 130SOTPaddle13'3375550$1,000
VibeVibe Shearwater 125Vibe Shearwater 125SOTPaddle12'6"3592475$1,300
VibeVibe Skipjack 90Vibe Skipjack 90SOTPaddle9'3246300$510
VibeVibe Yellowfin 100Vibe Yellowfin 100SOTPaddle10'3257375$700
VibeVibe Yellowfin 120Vibe Yellowfin 120SOTPaddle12'3365400$800
VibeVibe Yellowfin 130T TandemVibe Yellowfin 130TSOTPaddle13'3580500$1,050
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems A.T.A.K. 120Wilderness Systems ATAK 120SOTPaddle12'3"3586400$1,499
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems A.T.A.K. 140Wilderness Systems ATAK 140SOTPaddle14'1"3495550$1,649
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Pungo 105Wilderness Systems Pungo 105SISPaddle10'6"3047300$899
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Pungo 120Wilderness Systems Pungo 120SISPaddle12'2"2929325$999
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Pungo 125Wilderness Systems Pungo 125SISPaddle12'6"2953425$999
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Radar 115Wilderness Systems Radar 115SOTPaddle11'8"34.585450$1,359
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Radar 135Wilderness Systems Radar 135SOTPaddle13'6"3490475$1,499
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Ride 115Wilderness Systems Ride 115SOTPaddle11'6"3376500$959
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Tarpon 105Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105SOTPaddle10'6"3255325$849
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Tarpon 120Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120SOTPaddle12'3"3163350$999
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Tarpon 140Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140SOTPaddle14'2868375$1,099
Wilderness SystemsWilderness Systems Thresher 140Wilderness Systems Thresher 140SOTPaddle14'3"2975400$1,449

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