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The Kayak Graveyard | Discontinued Kayak Models

Sunken Ship

Designing new kayaks is hard. And unfortunately, not all of them survive the cut. Waning sales, high production costs, and extraneous business decisions can all lead to a discontinued kayak. Since we’re in the business of talking about kayaks we thought it would be useful to keep a list of all the discontinued kayaks. We update this list periodically as new models come and go. Models here won’t be found on our other kayak databases. We’ve only been keeping track of kayaks since 2019. So this is by no means a comprehensive list. There are tons of models no longer in production that aren’t found below.

A Kayak’s after-life is a bit nebulous. In some cases when a brand folds the entire line and accompanying molds can be sold off to a competitor. But when a single model is retired it usually goes the way of the DoDo. The last thing any manufacturer wants is to see a non-branded version of the same boat sailing next to theirs.

Discontinued Kayak Models

We’ve slimmed down the fields we normally display here, since, you won’t be buying these first-hand any time soon (if ever). There are currently 24 discontinued kayak models. And notably, none of them are pedal kayaks.

Full NameImageStyleLength (ft)Width (in)Weight (lb)MSRP
RiotEdge 11 AnglerRiot Edge 11 Angler,,, Riot Edge 11 AnglerSISPaddle11'1322853275$799NoPaddedNoNoRotomolded
VibeMaverick 120Vibe Maverick 120,,, Vibe Maverick 120 HybridSOTPaddle12'14433.572475$900NoLawn Chair or PaddedYesNoRotomoldedRebranded as "Cubera"
Future BeachQuantum 124 FishingFuture Beach Quantum 124 Fishing,,, Future Beach Quantum 124SISPaddle10'4"12429.550275$400NoPaddedNoNoRotomolded
Future BeachTrophy 126Future Beach Trophy 126,,, Future Beach Trophy 126SISPaddle10'6"12629.546300$350NoPaddedNoNoRotomolded
Future BeachVoyager 10.4 Sit In AnglerVoyager 10.4 Sit In Angler,,, Future Beach Voyager 10.4 Sit In AnglerSISPaddle10'4"1243245300$310NoPaddedNoNoRotomolded
Future BeachVoyager 10.4 Sit on Top AnglerVoyager 10.4 Sit on Top Angler,,, Future Beach Voyager 10.4 Sit on Top AnglerSOTPaddle10'4"1243147.4300$310NoPaddedNoNoRotomolded
Big MamaPortagoBig Mama Portago,,, Big Mama PortagoSOTPaddle12'9"1553377440€849NoLawn ChairNoNoRotomolded
EvokeConquer 100Evoke Conquer 100,,, Evoke Conquer 100SISPaddle10'12030.555325$750NoPadded
EvokeConquer 120Evoke Conquer 120,,, Evoke Conquer 120SISPaddle12'1443656325$797NoPaddedRotomolded
EvokeNavigator 100Evoke Navigator 100,,, Evoke Navigator 100SOTPaddle10'12030.555325$699NoPadded
EvokeNavigator 120Evoke Navigator 120,,, Evoke Navigator 120SOTPaddle12'3"1473068350$899NoPadded
EvokeSequoia 120Evoke Sequoia 120,,, Evoke Sequoia 120SOTPaddle12'6"15035.694500$999NoLawn ChairRotomolded
HobieMirage I9sHobie Mirage I9s,,, Hobie Mirage I9SIKPedal9'1083670325$2,519NALawn ChairSynthetic Fabric
HobieMirage I11SHobie Mirage I11S,,, Hobie Mirage I11SIKPedal11'3"1353965400$2,569NALawn ChairSynthetic Fabric
HobieMirage I12SHobie Mirage I12S,,, Hobie Mirage I12SIKPedal12'1443682500$2,669NALawn ChairSynthetic Fabric
HobieMirage I14THobie Mirage I14T,,, Hobie Mirage I14TIKPedal14'16836111550$4,089NALawn ChairSynthetic Fabric
HobieMirage Pro Angler 17THobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T,,, Hobie Pro Agnler 17TSOTPedal17'20443.5244900$6,599NALawn ChairRotomolded
HobieMirage SportHobie Mirage Sport,,, Hobie Mirage SportSOTPedal9'7"11529.578225$2,549NALawn ChairRotomolded
HobieMirage Revolution 16Hobie Mirage Revolution 16,,, Hobie Mirage Revolution 16SOTPedal16'19227.592350$2,879NALawn ChairRotomolded
HobieQuest 13Hobie Quest 13,,, Hobie Quest 13SOTPedal13'15628.588350$2,779NALawn ChairRotomolded
Third CoastAvalon 100Third Coast Avalon 100,,, Third Coast Avalon 100SOTPaddle10'12030.555325$619NoPaddedRotomolded
Third CoastAvalon 120Third Coast Avalon 120,,, Third Coast Avalon 120SOTPaddle12'3"14730.7568350$739NoPaddedRotomolded
Third CoastHuron 100Third Coast Huron 100,,, Third Coast Huron 100SISPaddle10'1203050300$599NoPaddedRotomolded
Third CoastHuron 120Third Coast Huron 120,,, Third Coast Huron 120SISPaddle12'1442956325$719NoPaddedRotomolded

Discontinued Kayak Models and Brands

Hobie Changes Hands

The Hobie Kayak company was quietly sold to a private equity group in January of 2021. New management began working alongside old management and one of the first appreciable changes was the consolidation of the production line. Product line consolidation is generally a smart business decision. Broad product offerings requires extra parts, tools, and processes that can be streamlined with a slimmer portfolio. And while it’s regrettable some of these models were retired early, it opens up both budget and R&D for new and innovative products, like the Hobie Lynx and their new line of inflatables.

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T

PA 17T

The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T was one of the most expensive tandem fishing kayaks ever produced. It measured 17′ long with a width of 43.5″ and weighed in at a colossal 244 lbs.

The PA 17T had some worthy innovations that negated issues plaguing other tandem fishing kayaks. The long length allowed both parties to fish without tangling each other up. A 900 lb capacity easily accommodated a small cache of fishing munitions. Finally the PA 17T had three drive wells to allow different seating configurations. You could sit in a traditional manner for serious pedaling. Or you can flip a seat around and sit face to face for a more social experience.

At a price of $6,599 the Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17T was the most expensive single hull tandem fishing kayak out there. The PA17 was an awesome boat, but just barely qualified as an actual kayak. It’s oversized features were great for extended river-cruises. But handling it out of the water must have been an absolute bear.

Hobie Revolution 16

Hobie Mirage Revolution 16

Hobie’s Revolution line of kayaks were largely aimed at paddlers looking for speed in big water. The Revolution 16 featured a slim beam and streamlined monohull design built for speed. At 16′ long and weighing just 92 lbs the revolution sliced through the water with the mirage pedal drive. Given what we know about kayak hull speed it’s a safe bet that this was one of the fastest fishing kayaks ever made, if not the fastest.

Luckily the Revolution line lives on. And the Hobie Revolution 13′ is still being produced today. We expect the 16′ model was discontinued since it filled a very small niche and lacked sufficient demand. A 16′ long boat isn’t a peach to store or transport. If you live near a beach and run across a 16′ Revo for sale don’t hesitate to snatch it up. This boat was a thing of beauty.

Hobie Mirage 14T

Hobie Mirage I14T

The Hobie Mirage I4T was aCadillac of inflatable fishing kayaks. Premium lawn chair style seats, two 180 mirage pedal drives, built in rudder, and a drop stitch floor put the I14T in the same league as plastic yaks. It measured 14′ long and weighed. 67.1 lbs. And the I14T could fold up into a rolling case 4′ long, 2′ wide, and 1′ thick.

The I14T retailed for $4,089 and included two paddles with a two year warranty for 2019 and newer models. We expect it was retired to make room for the new Hobie Mirage Itrek 14 Duo.

The Shutdown in Muskegon

Hemisphere Design Works was formed in the merger of KL Outdoors and Quebec based GSC Technologies under the private equity firm New Water Capital in April of 2017. At the time of the merger Hemisphere Design Works was the largest kayak producer in the world. They manufactured multiple models under kayak brands including Evoke, Future Beach, and Sun Dolphin. These brands were primarily known for their low price point and wide availability in big box stores. They were all manufactured close to the firm’s headquarters in Muskegon, Michigan.

Unfortunately, for reasons that aren’t well known, the company shut down in late 2019 due to “challenging business circumstances“. Which is about as clear as mud underneath an even larger more opaque layer of mud. There were rumors that manufacturing was going to resume. But as of Summer 2021 there’s scant evidence this is true. Time will tell if any of these brands or models resurface, but don’t hold your breath.

Overview on Discontinued Kayaks

Although it can be bittersweet to see a kayak sail off into the horizon it’s ultimately a good thing. We’d all rather have a model leave than an entire brand; and that’s exactly what model retirement enables. On a positive note discontinued kayaks pave the way for new models to make their debut. Such is the kayak circle of life.

If you know of any models that should be on this list and aren’t. Or models that shouldn’t be on this list and are; please let us know.