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WS Recon 120

The Coolest New Fishing Kayaks of 2021….So Far

Summer 2021 is official as of June 20th, which coincidentally, is Fathers Day. Conspiracy? Probably. During a hair-raising 2020 kayak manufacturers were busy dealing with sold out inventories and supply shortages. But in between the chaos they were able to finalize production of this year’s new models. And they’ve done a bang up job on developing some awesome new fishing kayaks for 2021.

CK1 Venture

New Kayak Spotlight | Crescent Kayaks CK1 Venture

Designing a new kayak isn’t an easy proposition. Aside from the high costs of R&D, and investment in production, there’s the risk of unknown demand. Kayaks are a crowded market with manufacturer’s constantly pushing the envelope in terms of performance and value. These challenges are further compounded when designing an all-around kayak.