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Fishing During Covid-19 | Updated State Regulations

The Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic has rapidly altered normal everyday life for Americans in every state. In just a few weeks most of the country has been mandated to stay at home and hundreds of thousands of businesses, events, and activities have been shut down. Due to social distancing requirements our entertainment options have quickly dwindled to a sparse slate of indoor and outdoor activities. Because of these new requirements recreational fishing has surged in popularity as house-locked denizens seek respite in the great outdoors. Fishing during covid-19/corona is new territory for all of us and it’s a constantly changing landscape. We’ve put together this page to help both greenhorn and experienced anglers stay abreast of new state rules and regulations.

State Fishing COVID-19 Response and Updates

Get the latest fishing and boating updates from your State on COVID-19 using this tool. Click on a state to find out everything you need to know about the latest updates, changes, closures, and more for fishing and boating related activities.

How to Fish Safely

If you haven’t read up on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines regarding the Corona virus then we highly suggest you do so; you can review them here. We know there’s a lot of talk and conspiracies going on, and to be fair their guidance on mask usage could have been clearer and more consistent. However it’s worth remembering that the world hasn’t seen an outbreak like this since the Spanish Flu, and the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. The CDC wants to stop this pandemic and is using their best judgement to do so. We highly encourage you to take their recommendations seriously.

Don’t Be “That Guy”

You all know who I’m talking about. The guy who has 10 rods on the pier when the limit is 3. The boater who casts out lines in every direction in the narrowest part of the river. Or the angler who doesn’t wear headphones, smokes next to kids, and litters everywhere. While we’re not sure why you would ever do those things under normal circumstances, now’s definitely the time to be on your best behavior. Failure to be courteous and observe proper social distancing gives authorities more fodder for shutting down fishing altogether; an event that’s already occurred in Washington due to fishermen’s inability to keep piers and banks uncrowded.

We’re all in this together and there’s still plenty of fish for everyone. Respect social distancing rules so that both you and your fellow fishermen can continue to throw out a line.

Making the Most of It

The harsh truth is that your ability to get out on the boat might be compromised for some time. Official estimates on when the corona virus will end are just that, estimates. We realize that nobody’s happy about missing out on the Spring season, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and re-watch Star Wars in sequential order. There will be plenty of time for that when it rains. If you’re favorite fishing hole is shutdown and your boat-ramp is on lockdown then we’ve got some suggestions on how to avoid going too stir-crazy.

Modify your Ride

Most of us have a running mental list of things we need to do to our boats. Clean the hull, add some gear-track here, adjust the rudder. Problem is when it’s time to fish all of those minor improvements take a backseat to the prospect of getting out on the water. If you’re land-locked then now’s the perfect time to clear out that list and get your kayak or boat in prime fishing condition. Retie your anchor knot, swab the decks, and put on that sticker you’ve had sitting on your workbench for the last five years.

Organize your Tacklebox

Tackleboxs usually start the season well kept, organized, and in pristine order. After just a few outings though your soft plastics are melted, hard baits are tangled into a Gordian knot, and your hooks have turned into martian dust. Proper maintenance of your gear, particularly your baits, will save you both money and frustration. Rinse out your Plano’s, scrub your bags, and cut off all those old knots to keep your trips productive.

Replenish your Stock

It’s tough not being able to swing by your favorite outdoor store to peruse more lures and gear. But, now that you’ve got a minty-fresh tacklebox you should be well aware of what you’re missing. There are deals to be had online as retailers are getting more and more creative on sales incentives and pricing in order to move their inventory. Make sure to keep tabs on your favorite outfitters for the latest deals and discounts.

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