River PFD's

Kayak Fishing Life Vests | 7 Performance PFD’s

PFD’s are the single most important piece of equipment on any paddler’s boat. But, just because they’re safety equipment doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Kayak Fishing Life Jackets offer paddlers easy access storage, added comfort, and a little more style than the old orange horseshoe molding on the jon boat. After a lightweight paddle a new life vest is one of the best bang for your buck upgrades to make an impactful difference on the water.

Calcutta Kayak Catch Cooler

Kayak Catch Coolers | 8 Ways to Keep Fish Fresh

Fishing is unique among sports in that it can be done for fun, or for food. Some of you might argue hunting falls into the same category, but we’ve never seen somebody release a bear after shooting it. Catching a fish is the reason most of us hop into a kayak in the first place. But what do you do after you’ve caught a fish? If the answer is “Eat it” then you’d better have a way to keep it fresh. Raw fish goes bad in just two hours at room temperature. So without some ice and a way to hold it you’re looking at a disappointing meal.

Sailing In Lofoten

Kayak Sails | 9 Ways to Catch The Wind

Paddlers have long sought means to stop paddling. In fact the paddle is one of the most regretted inventions in all of human history. Sure it gets you across the water but ugh! It didn’t take long for our ancestors to figure out that using the wind was a helluva lot easier than rowing. Just like ancient mariners modern kayakers have long searched for easier methods to move across the water with less effort.